A Love Song

Then John Ross arrived back from Afghanistan  with another love song especially written for  his bride to be, as he missed her so much, called "Baby Love blue eyes".  Next our son Grant and daughter inlaw Gillian, now living in UK, released an album with a love song on it called "Something Stupid". We decided to compile an album with the most requested love songs that John has received during his career. Adding Grant and Gill's and John Ross's songs to the compilation, we came upon a fantastic family combination.

During November we visited our daughter Natalie who is a fantastic photographer and had suddenly gone "heart" crazy. Collecting hearts in all sizes and shapes photographing hearts, painting them and so the story goes. Looking at her work we there and then  decided that we had enough material to create a package to wrap it up in.

Our Eldest daughter Shelley heard about the concept and being the poet she is, wrote the sleeve notes and insisted that photographs be taken of the album being made and live stage performances to be included in the art work. Dedicating this Cd to our two new love birds in the family, John Ross and Nadia, we made their photograph the centre feature of the cover.


Whilst we were recording...click on the picture to view the details...


John started digging deeper and came across  a song he wrote many moons ago "You're beautiful" that has never been recorded or released before, and dedicated it to Teresa HIS wife!

John set off to Gauteng guitar in hand, fighting traffic, dodging taxis, Gauteng train structures and blasting.  Fortunately once at Pro Song Studio with Costa Nicholas the sound engineer, artist, and a musician of note, the magic started flowing and well all we say now, is don't miss out on this masterpiece of John's CD with 2 bonus tracks sung by his eldest and youngest children.  Let's hope they can be inspired to make another album called "THE EDMONDS" as it seems to be heading that way.

If the "Osmond's" can do it why not the "Edmonds".
Enjoy Folks and spread love around!